Costa Santa was born in 2020 in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, from the hands of its creator Mar. Costa Santa was born from the need to create a Mexican brand of elegant, versatile beach clothing with quality fabrics, with a timeless and sustainable. We work with fabrics such as linen, viscose and cotton. Costa Santa is involved in the production process of its garments so much so that most pieces are made "On demand", since we only produce what we are going to sell. Clean, feminine and functional designs are part of the brand's aesthetic. In Costa Santa we produce locally and responsibly, we have our own workshop as this helps us a lot to control the quality of each product. You can also visit us at our boutiques in Puerto Escondido. Costa Santa is a company created by women and therefore our mission is to inspire each woman to fight for what they believe in and live with passion.

Mar founding Costa Santa